Masters Dress Code

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You are one of those fortunate individuals who is going to the Masters, so now you need to know what to wear. It is an event like no other golfing tournament. There is a Masters dress code which is adhered to, and it is important that you dress for the day. Attending the Masters is like no other sporting event in that each of those who attend are considered a patron or guest of Augusta National, and each person is expected to dress and behave accordingly. 

Watch the Weather

This event is in Georgia, and the weather can change hourly, and this will affect your Masters dress code. The range of temperatures during the tournament from the time the gates open until the gates close are likely to be anywhere from 55 degrees to 75 degrees. Layers are best. A light, water-resistant sports jacket with a hood is ideal for the day in terms of both the potential cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain.  During your day, it will likely be sunny so wear sunscreen. Additionally, bring a hat, lip balm, and sunglasses for a more enjoyable day. 

Masters Men’s Attire


The best options are a polo shirt or an Oxford button down for those looking to meet the Masters dress code. No matter which of those choices a collared shirt is a must, and breathable fabric which allows your skin to breathe in the heat is preferable.  T-shirts are frowned upon.


Khakis pants or golf pants are the most comfortable and easiest choice for the day.  Depending on the weather, shorts may be an option you prefer, but they should be of this similar style. Never wear jeans to these hallowed grounds! As a general rule, if it is something that your favorite golfer might wear it is within the Masters dress code for you to wear. 


This is the most important item of the day. The miles that the average person walks on the course reveals that you need to make a good choice. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, and the ones you choose have traction. The course includes hills and valleys which have a variety of different terrains including grass, pine straw, mulch, and sidewalks. Any part of the course can be slippery, particularly if it has rained the day prior or is currently raining. A great choice will be tennis shoes, but you can opt for a sturdy sandal. If you want to wear golf shoes this is an option; however, they cannot have metal spikes on them. 

Additional insight, which also include night wear for men is located at the Southern Living article “The Man’s No-Fail Guide to Dressing for the Masters.”

Masters Women’s Attire

Top/ Dresses

Colorful polo shirts, cute button-down blouses, or fashionable golfing tops are ideal, for they look stylish and are functional. Ensure these are functional by choosing light fabrics like cotton, linen, or a moisture-wicking shirt.  Additionally, Lilly Pulitzer colorful dresses are a classic option that always looks fresh and beautiful and adheres to the standards of the Master dress code.


Skirts or shorts are fantastic options as long as you keep them mid-length or longer. It is understood the key to the Masters dress code is classic but comfortable. Greg Norman is one of many golf apparel collections that offers women’s skorts in a variety of colors and styles that are perfect for the course. Classic khakis or casual pants will offer you another option. 


Tennis shoes or sneakers are the best choice for the day, but make sure they have a decent tread on them for gripping the ground. Sandals are a suitable option. Golf shoes with no metal spikes are another good choice. The course spans 100 acres of fairway so choose wisely for the most comfort when walking.


You may bring a small purse or backpack. It can be no larger than 10”W x 10”H x 12 “D. A good choice is a cross body bag which is fashionable, allows you to carry a few essentials, and provides the convenience of slinging it across your shoulder. 

There are overall guidelines to be aware of when preparing for the day which have less to do with the Masters dress code and are on an actual prohibited list issued by Augusta National. Do not bring your cell phone to the course. Make sure you plan in advance if you need to meet someone there or to arrange any other necessary coordination for transportation. Additionally, do not wear Apple watches, smart watches, nor any digital devices to the course. Do not wear your corporate branding clothing to the course, for it is not appreciated. In contrast, one sure thing that you can wear to the course and is always welcome is any previous year Masters polo shirts or hats. For some attendees it can be enjoyable to spot the older paraphernalia.  

Hopefully, this is a useful guide and provides helpful information for you when planning your attire for your Masters trip. For additional guidance and pictures of guests at the Masters, please review the Club Magnolia member gallery. Dress for this memorable day at the Masters with care and enjoy this unparalleled experience in golf. It will be a day to remember!