The Augusta National public parking lot

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So what does the parking situation look like for the Masters Golf Tournament?  Parking at any major sporting event is dreaded by fans.  Parking at the Masters isn’t much different.  To ease the hassle plan ahead and know your options before arriving in Augusta.

Augusta National Golf Club owns a 120 acre site on Berckmans Road that is definitely the most scenic parking lot in the States.  With grass covered rolling hills among tall Georgia pines Masters patrons are directed into the public lot by smiling attendants…and best of all, it’s FREE. Yes, golf fans…as usual Augusta National does it better than anyone else.

So then why is parking at the Masters no less of a hassle than other sporting events?  Officially there are 8,525 parking spaces in the Augusta National public lot. Unofficially (Augusta National won’t say), there are approximately 40,000+ patrons who attend The Masters each day — so do the math.  These free spots are on a first come first serve basis only.  If you are not an “early bird gets the worm” kind of person then good luck scoring one of these highly sought after spots.
Your next option is to find one of the local businesses or residents selling parking. You’ll see the “park here” signs along Washington Road businesses as your follow the “Golf Traffic Only” signs.  They aren’t free and like the free parking they can fill up pretty early.  And it can be quite a hike to the golf course.

Home owners around Augusta National sell parking in their yards.

Home owners around Augusta National sell parking in their yards.

Next you can scan the residential neighborhoods along Washington Road for local home owners selling parking in their yard.  These make-shift yard parking lots are scattered about the vicinity surrounding the golf course.  Those spots easiest to locate tend to be expensive and usually full by morning.  Properties down almost every side street offer parking, however if you don’t know your way around that could become a timely headache, and may also result in a lengthy walk from your car to the front gate.

Do not park on any of the residential streets surrounding Augusta National, regardless of whether a local is selling you a “spot” on the curb or not.  The Richmond County Sherriff Department will tow your car very quickly.

The last option to discuss, and my favorite since I prefer not to adjust my schedule just to ensure a place to park, is to reserve a parking spot in advance.  Some of the hospitality venues located around Augusta National allow patrons to reserve and pay for their parking prior to arrival.  Most are valet services, but may require purchasing hospitality at their facility in order to get parking.  You can do the research and call many of the venues, beginning with a Google search for “Masters golf hospitality”.

Club Magnolia Hospitality does offer Masters parking in advance to anyone driving to the Masters —  cars, vans, limos, buses, if it has wheels they’ll park it.  You do not need to purchase hospitality or other Masters packages to have the peace of mind knowing when and where you will be parking once in Augusta.   Shuttle vans run throughout the day to the course and back so no long walk just to get to Augusta National.  So if you’re planning ahead, take the time to call Club Magnolia at (888) 502-2020 to reserve your space or use the online form to request a quote for Masters parking and valet services.

All in all, you DO have options when it comes to parking and planning your Masters trip. And just remember— you are about to do A LOT of walking. This is said to be the most beautiful golf course in the world— so save your energy and plan ahead. There is no reason to tack on another few miles, just to walk to and from where you parked.