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Being at the Masters Golf tournament in Augusta is a day to treasure. On that special day you will want to have the best information possible regarding your food choices. You need to be aware that no coolers or beverage containers of any type are allowed on the course. At the entrance gates, there are areas where fans can check their lunches without charge to the patron. This is if you want to bring your lunch. This will help those who need specific food due to dietary preference or intolerance; however, if these concerns do not affect you there are excellent options at the food concession stands that are tasty and affordable.

There are choices available which are part of long-standing institutions of attending this hallowed event of which you should be aware. These culinary traditions have stood the test of time at the Masters and are ones you will want to try! These are the Pimento Cheese sandwich and the Egg Salad Sandwich.  There are, of course, other great food options, but these are the ones that everyone talks about and if you want the full Master’s experience you should sample one, if not both, of these sandwiches. Best of all, the food at the concessions are cheap! I mean it. So, eat and drink up!

Pimento Cheese Sandwich

The pimento cheese sandwich at the Masters is well known and touted in countless articles, and it is considered an ongoing tradition. If you are not from the South, then you might not be familiar with pimento cheese and be curious what it is exactly. To many, the tradition of spreading pimento cheese on crackers or bread at a picnic on a hot summer day is the epitome of Southern hospitality. The spread features a mix of sharp cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, cream cheese, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, onions, and pimentos – a mild pickled red pepper with a tangy, sweet flavor. To Southerners, the pimento cheese is a taste like no other and signifies comfort with rich flavors and a good time with family. To those of you who have never tried it, the combination of pimento, mayonnaise, and cheddar cheese create a natural harmony that leaves many coming back for it time and time again. The pimento cheese at the concession stand is piled generously on two slices of white bread wrapped in a green wrapper and sells for $1.50. It is a filling and delicious lunch. To complete the meal, you can pay $3.00 to add chips and a sweet tea.

Egg Salad Sandwich

As far as tradition goes, it seems that people cannot agree whether to choose the pimento cheese sandwich or the egg salad sandwich, but each camp seems to have a strong and loud preference. Except for those who say they eat both and like it! This is its own camp and seems to be the largest group which is frankly no surprise since they are both great sandwiches. The egg salad is a savory blend of creamy diced eggs with mayonnaise layered on top of lettuce in between the two slices of bread. It is just the right flavor profile for a warm spring day at the Masters. This sandwich is a constant favorite for church socials, and, to some, it is the perfect snack for a special event spent with good friends. It can be argued that Augusta National is like a church, but it is undeniably a special place to be with good friends. It is priced at $1.50 and continues to be a crowd favorite.

Bar-B-Que Sandwich

This smoked, pulled pork sandwich is juicy with a sweet, tangy flavor. This sandwich is one of the most expensive on the menu at $3. You are in the South so why not have barbeque? It is a hearty lunch and guaranteed to fill you up. Why not add at least one beer to your lunch? Since, it is so cheap you can afford at least one. A domestic beer costs $4.00 and if you want to splurge for an import or American craft beer it will be $5.00.  This is an excellent lunch for watching great games of golf, and far cheaper than you would pay at a ballpark.

Ham & Cheese on Rye

This seems like a basic sandwich, but sometimes something simple really hits the spot. It is composed of American Swiss cheese with multiple layers of ham. Do not forget to add your own extra mustard to it or otherwise it may seem a little dry. Pair it with some BBQ chips at $1.50 and bottled water for hydration at $2.00, then you will be paying a total of $6.00 for your lunch.

Masters Club

The Masters Club does not have the star power of the pimento cheese or egg salad sandwiches; however, it is a good sandwich and provides another appreciable option. It does have the bonus ability for you being able to buy an extra one to put in your bag to store for later. Layered within the seeded hamburger bun of this sandwich is ham, turkey and swiss cheese with mayonnaise. It is priced at $2.50.

Classic Chicken Sandwich

The Masters chicken sandwich was dropped from the concession menu in 2012, but due to high demand it returned in 2013, and it looks like it is here to stay. The chicken patty is lightly fried with a hint of spice in the batter making it quite flavorful. The inside of the breast is moist while the outside is slightly crunchy, and it is served on a white bun.  It ties for the most expensive at $3.00 for your lunch sandwich. 

Grilled Chicken Wrap

Since 2012, the grilled chicken wrap has been one of the healthier options offered at the concession stand. It is flavorful chunks of grilled chicken with shredded cheddar cheese layered into the wrap. It seems that ever since this choice first appeared it is here to stay. As far as condiments, I recommend adding some hot sauce to your wrap for additional flavor. 

After ordering any one of these excellent lunches, do not forget to grab yourself some extras. There is always a variety of chips, peanuts, crackers, and cookies to add to your meal. Each of these are a tasty option and give you something to snack on later or with whichever sandwich you chose. It will be a long day on the course, so it is always nice to have a snack.

However, there is one item that you should without doubt order and consume for dessert. Or try it before you devour your sandwich. I am not judging. Since appearing on the menu in 2012, this item is only available at the club during the Masters Tournament: the Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich. This 3 -inch thick delicacy is something to behold and even better to taste. It is two sugar cookies with peach ice cream sandwiched between and is simply scrumptious. The peach ice cream is a nod to the Georgia peach state and its proud tradition.  This delicious treat is only $2. Do not forget!

Enjoy your once in a lifetime experience and definitely do not forget to enjoy some of the delectable offerings steeped in tradition that continue to ensure that Augusta National is on the bucket list of so many people. These unique flavors and the aroma of Magnolias will captivate your senses, and after you experience them once, you are sure to look back at this treasured day and smile.